KYCK 2019

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KYCK 2019


KYCK Weekend Away, May 03-05, 2019

What:     We will be heading to Katoomba in the lovely Blue Mountains to attend a youth convention called KYCK. KYCK is run by an organisation called Katoomba Christian Conventions and is specifically aimed at teens. It usually attracts around 2,000 youth per weekend it is held. The program is made up of 6 Bible talks, interspersed with food breaks, free time and other organised (and fun) activities.

Why:     It will be a great opportunity for us to get away and spend some time with each other, have heaps of fun and hopefully be inspired by some great speakers (teaching from the book of John) to live our lives for Jesus.

Where:      The conference will be held at the Katoomba Christian Convention Site and we will be staying at Mountain Camp on site at KCC (fully catered from Friday Supper - Sunday lunch).

When:     Meet at SJM Church on Friday May 03 no later than 5pm. Pick up at SJM Church on Sunday May 05 around 4:15pm.

Cost:     The total cost - $280. This covers KYCK registration, accommodation, fancy hat and meals. This does not include Friday night dinner, please bring money to grab some dinner on the way. Get in early so we can finalise accomodation and transport in advance! Thanks :)

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You can check out the speakers and program here!

What To Bring :
For a comfortable and safe weekend, your child should bring:
• Warm clothing 2 days (Katoomba can be cold, especially at night)
• Pyjamas
• Toiletries
• A Bible
• A notebook and pen
• A pair of closed-in shoes
• A sleeping bag
• A pillow
• A bath towel
• Any boardgames/cards

Please pack in a bag you can carry yourself in case we catch the train and need to walk (no longer than half hour from KCC to the train station).